Weihrauch HW100 Adjustable Monopod Butt Hook

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Adjustable Monopod butt hook designed to fit the Weihrauch HW100.

The hook has up and down adjustment as well as adjustable wings and extensions allowing you to configure it to suit your shoulder.

The monopod can now be attached either side and extends by 115mm plus 30mm fine adjustment.

The baseplate fits the HW100 stock and is simple to fit.

Simply remove the original butt pad (Unscrew the mounting Screws).

The hook can then be fitted with the provided screws utilising the original screw holes.

The hook can come in the simple wing only configuration or with extension links.

Extra extensions can be purchased separately to add more adjustability or upgrade your hook to the extended version.

The butt shapes can vary on the HW100, please measure your original pad at its widest point and choose from the options.