RTI Prophet Adjustable Monopod Butt Hook

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Adjustable monopod butt hook design for the RTI Prophet.

The hook can be moved up and down and the angle of the wings/extensions can be adjusted to suit your shoulder.

The monopod extends by 115mm plus 30mm fine adjustment.

The face of the extended butt plate is slightly different to the standard plate, please choose your correct plate from the drop down menu. The easiest way to determine which butt your RTI has is to measure the thickness.

The standard plate is 5mm thick across the full length, the extended plate is 25mm thick for the most part. Please see the listing photo to determine the hook you need.

They are available in the following variations:

Monopod Only 

Hook only for standard plate

Hook only for extended plate

Monopod Hook for standard plate

Monopod Hook for extended plate

Straight fit on the original butt plate, no drilling or cutting needed, the relevant screws to mount it are also supplied.