Rifle Scope Timer Clock and mount for Field Target FT HFT 25mm 30mm 34mm

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Introducing our FT Timer Mount, designed to cater to the precise needs of competitive shooters participating in FT/HFT competitions. In these timed events where every second counts, the convenience of having your timer easily accessible without compromising your shooting position is invaluable.

Traditional methods of carrying timers on lanyards or leaving them on the ground can lead to costly delays as shooters adjust their position to check the timer. Our innovative mount solves this problem by securely attaching the timer to your rifle scope, allowing you to monitor your remaining time with seamless efficiency, all while maintaining your shooting position.

Versatility is at the core of our design, offering multiple mounting positions to accommodate individual preferences. Whether you prefer it on the left, right, or on top of your scope, our mount ensures optimal placement for easy viewing. Additionally, the adjustable tilt feature allows for customization, ensuring the timer is always within sight or neatly folded away when not in use, perfect for storage in your rifle bag.

To install, only 10mm of exposed scope tube is required, with a minimum clearance of 4mm between the scope tube and rail.

The mount accommodates timers up to 10mm thick and 70mm long, with custom sizing available upon request.

For added convenience, we offer options to purchase the mount with or without the timer, as well as extra scope rings for compatibility across various scope tube sizes.

Available in black, red, and blue, our Timer Mount not only enhances functionality but also adds a touch of personalization to your shooting setup.

With options for multiple scope tube diameters.                                                              (up to 34mm, with custom sizes available please contact us first)