Quick Release Bench Rest Block to fit the Air Arms Ultimate Sporter UIT Rails

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With dimensions of 74mm x 74mm and a magnetic cover for the thumbscrew, this block adheres to the UK bench rest rules.

The block incorporates a convenient thumbscrew locking mechanism, eliminating the need for any tools when attaching/detaching it. This feature proves beneficial, especially if you don't intend to keep the block permanently attached to your rifle.

To install, simply slide the rail into your UIT rail and secure it by tightening the thumbscrew. To remove, follow the same process in reverse.

The design relies on the pressure exerted by the thumbscrew bolt on the face of the UIT rail to firmly secure it in place. To safeguard the rail from potential marks, a rubber cap has been added to the thread of the bolt. While efforts have been made to minimize marks, we cannot entirely guarantee that no marks will occur on the rail.

Test fitted on HFT 500 rails and FTP900, may fit other Air arms/other makes of UIT rail.

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