Picatinny Buddy Bottle Cylinder Clamp Mounts (**63-30mm Sizing Options**)

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Picatinny Buddy Bottle Cylinder Clamp Mounts

JB3D printed buddy bottle mounts designed to fit buddy bottle and air cylinders.

Quick and easy to fit, simply slide over the end of your buddy bottle or cylinder and tighten the bolt until the mount is held firmly in place. 

You can then attach your bipod/torch etc to the picatinny rail.

A lot of rifles don't have enough space between the shroud and bottle to use our 'wrap around' style bottle mounts so we designed these versions to eliminate the problem.

Available in the following diameters and lengths- 

55mm-63mm (45mm rail length)

55mm-50mm (45mm rail length)

50mm-45mm (45mm rail length)

45mm-40mm (45mm rail length)

40mm-35mm (35mm rail length)

35mm-30mm (35mm rail length)

**Mount only bipod not included**