FX Impact Ambidextrous Cheek Piece

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This FX Impact cheek piece is designed to suit left and right handed shooters.

It covers both sides of the chassis as apposed to the original only covering the right side.

Easy to fit simply remove the original bolts and remove, place the ami cheek piece in place and re install the original bolts.

This cheek piece is perfectly designed to allow good access for the magazine and also to not touch/cover the bolts for changing out the barrel.

Available for the MK1/2/3. We have two different versions, the main difference being the cut out for the barrel screw. The MK1 impact uses a large screw where as the MK 2/3 use a grub screw.

 They are available in the following variations:

MK1 Cheek Piece

MK2/3 Cheek Piece