FX Dreamline Compact Barrel Band

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Barrel band to fit the FX Dreamline Compact.

The band slides over your shroud and cylinder, once in preferred position the bolt can be tightened to clamp the band in place.                                                                              (We advise mounting the band further along the barrel as possible for it to work best)

POI shifting is a common issue with floating barrels when the barrel is knocked, this mount keeps the barrel fixed in the same place and keep your rifles zero. 

The dreamline generally comes with a 20mm shroud (some older versions are 28mm), we've also made a barrel option for those who like to have a bare barrel with mod.          We can also make these to suit rifles with custom shrouds.

The band comes in the follow variations:

Barrel band with 20mm shroud hole

Barrel band with 14mm Barrel hole

Barrel band with 28mm shroud hole

Barrel Band with custom shroud/barrel hole (if selecting this option please leave a note on the sale or message us quoting your order number and size needed).