Fiery Deer Trigger Sticks Leg Stay Support Clip

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Fiery Deer Trigger Sticks Gen 2 & 3 Leg Stay Support Clip

A common issue myself and others have found using the Fiery Deer trigger sticks is it can be easy for the legs to fold back in when moving the sticks. Especially at night when you cannot see them, i have many times placed the sticks down and then luckily realised they were not in the locked position before resting on them.

This can be very bad news especially if you're using a rifle clamp to hold the rifle as if the sticks fall over so does your rifle.

So i have designed this clip to solve that issue! Once the clip is in place the legs cannot fold in, so no chance of falling over. Easy to install and remove also featuring an integrated magnet clip with paracord between them that attaches to one leg. This means the clip can stay with the sticks saving you have to fish around in your pockets for it and no chance of it getting lost out in the field.

Please check the video on the listing to see how this clip works.