Easy Loading Magazine Stop for Kalibrgun Tactical Cricket 2

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This JB3D Printed Magazine Stop for the Kalibrgun Tactical Cricket 2 is designed to make loading the magazine into the breech easier.

Anyone with experience of the Kalibrgun's will know the mags can be fiddly to load into the breech, especially when you are in the middle of a field in the pitch black.

This stops the mag being able to push straight through the breech and falling out, simply install the mag in the slot and the stop will hold it in the correct place every time while you cock the rifle.

Available for left and right hand loading.

Be aware when selecting side from the drop down menu you are choosing which side you would like to load from, not which side the part fits.

You will need a T9 torx bit to remove the original bolt, and a 2mm allen key to fit the provided bolt.

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