Reximex Ixia Throne Gen 2 Dust Plug Filler Cap

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This JB3D Printed cylinder end cap is designed for the Reximex Ixia/Throne 2.

**Please note we have now 2 versions of the filler cap, the newer rifles are coming with a silver filling nipple that usually has some of the thread exposed. Please compare your filler to the listing pictures and check if you need filler #1 or #2. Then select the one you need from the drop down menu**

The Ixia comes as standard with no covering of the filling nipple, this allows dirt and debris to build up on the nipple with the likeliness of causing dirt to get into the rifle causing leaks. As well as leaving the rifle looking unfinished.

This filler cap prevents the dirt from building up and also adds to the look of the rifle finishing it off, they should have been made as standard with the rifle.

It is a simple push fit and has a strong magnet embedded in the base to give a good fit and also easy to remove.