Daystate Red Wolf HFT Legal Hamster Rest

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Being both a HFT shooter and a Red Wolf owner, I found the existing hamster options in the market rather underwhelming. This led me to design my own hamster, specifically tailored to optimize the performance of my Red Wolf during HFT/FT practice and competitions.

 The design stands out with its unique shape, setting it apart from the typical hamsters commonly seen. Its irregular form proves to be ideal for various shooting positions, accommodating sitting knee shots, prone peg resting, and standing/kneeling shots with ease.

The distinctive curve of the rear section, complemented by the coarse grip tape, ensures a secure and firm attachment of your rifle to your knee pad. This enhanced stability leaves minimal room for error during crucial shots, providing you with greater confidence in your shooting performance.

 The deliberate design choice to have the hamster protrude slightly beyond the sides of the stock offers valuable benefits during shooting. Firstly, it eliminates the risk of damaging your stock when resting against the peg for prone shots. This feature ensures the longevity and protection of your stock, allowing you to focus solely on your shooting performance.

Secondly, the grip tape integrated into the hamster plays a pivotal role in enhancing stability. By firmly locking the hamster to the peg, it provides an even steadier platform for your shots. This increased stability can significantly improve your accuracy and precision during shooting sessions, ultimately leading to better results in your marksmanship.

  Once installed, the lowest point of the hamster measures 147mm from the centre of the barrel. This specific measurement adheres to the 150mm regulation set forth by both the Swefta and WHFTA HFT rules, making it a legal accessory for use in shooting competitions.

 The installation of the hamster is straightforward and hassle-free, requiring no modifications whatsoever. To fit it, you only need to follow these simple steps:

 Remove the original stock bolt from the rifle.

Place the hamster in position.

Install the provided replacement stock bolt to secure the hamster in place.

(an 8mm and 10mm Allen key are needed for the installation process)

 We offer a range of colour choices, including black, red, or blue, catering to all variations of the red wolf stocks. They also come with a new design filling nipple dust cap as standard.

The hamster comes equipped with coarse grip tape by default, ensuring a secure hold for most users. However, if you prefer a different option, we also offer vinyl wrap in various colours.

Please contact us after purchase if you would like vinyl instead of grip tape.

It's essential to note that using the hamster directly against bare skin is not recommended due to the grip tape's abrasiveness. For optimal comfort and safety, we advise against placing the hamster on the knee or arm without proper protection. Nevertheless, during testing, the hamster proved to be completely suitable for standing shots when used with bare hands, posing no issues or discomfort.