Artemis/Snowpeak/SMK P10 P12 Picatinny Cylinder Mount

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Picatinny cylinder mounts designed to fit the Artemis/Snowpeak/SMK P10 P12.

The mount slides onto shroud and cylinder. It is held in place by the tension of whatever picatinny mount accessory you are fitting whether it be bipod/torch mount etc.

The design allows for quick easy removal of the mount when needed no tools required.

They are available in the following variations:

Single Picatinny Mount (One single split picatinny rail on the bottom)

Triple Picatinny Mount (split picatinny rail on the bottom and one fixed rail on each side)

Please note if you are using an aftermarket shroud this mount may not fit,

 If you are unsure which mount you need please don't hesitate to contact us before ordering.