Chiappa FAS-611 Bag Rider

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This JB3D printed bag rider is designed to fit  Chiappa FAS-611 stocks.

When it comes to bench rest/shooting from a bench, maintaining rifle steadiness is paramount. Yet, many stocks lack a solid, flat base to rest on the bag. This can also be an issue when it comes to bench rest rules that don't allow any angle/concave to the base of the stock making some rifles unusable. That's where this bag rider shines, seamlessly integrating with the original butt pad or aftermarket hook.

The bag rider is 25mm wide and 80mm long (custom sizes available on request). The bag rider spacer is 21mm thick and fits between the stock and the original pad. It can also be used without the original buttpad/ after market hook fitted if necessary. 
Screws for mounting are supplied, it is a straight fit with no modifications needed.