Adjustable Picatinny Bag Rider for Air Rifle Target Bench Rest Shooting

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Designed to fit picatinny rails, this bag rider proves to be an excellent addition, particularly when shooting from a bench. Its design facilitates swift and effortless adjustments to the rear of the rifle.

In its closed position, the bag rider is 65mm from the rail to the base, plus offering a further 40mm of height adjustment. The design incorporates an acme threaded rod to ensure smooth and precise adjustments, accompanied by double thumb screws for hassle-free attachment and removal without the need for tools.

The 100mm ribbed base complements the use of a rear shooting bag seamlessly. The sturdy construction utilizes 8mm stainless steel tubing, yet the overall weight is kept to a minimal 140 grams.

The length of the picatinny clamp is 75mm, the clamp will work with shorter picatinny rails but wont be as stable.